If a new yacht is in your future, let us help make that a reality for a fraction of the cost!
Click on the link to discover how you can become one of our new Owner Members for
less than 70% of what a new boat typically would cost you!

Choose either a new 30-40′ Catalina or
Beneteau sailboat and then place it in the Sail
Ventures Fleet of Owner Member yachts.

Sail Ventures s would love to help you get the most enjoyment out of boat ownership. We can do that by placing your new sailboat in our
prestigious fleet of Member Yachts for 36 to 60 months.
Most yacht owners realistically only use their boats 2-3 times per month. However the  high cost of ownership continues regardless of how often
you actually use your yacht. Some costly monthly expenses associated with owning a luxury yacht include:

  • Slips fees between $250-$450 per month;
  • Quality maintenance to keep the yacht in ship-shape condition at all times;
  • Comprehensive insurance;

As an  Owner Member,Sail Ventures will:

  • Provide an available slip for your yacht in a world class marina at no cost to you;
  • Pay for A+ rated insurance coverage on your yacht;
  • Provide regularly scheduled and emergency maintenance on your sailboat;
  • Your beautiful yacht will be professionally cleaned inside and out on a weekly basis, and will receive a thorough detailing monthly;
  • In addition, a complete hull and deck compounding & waxing will be done on a quarterly basis using quality marine products;
  • Place a maximum of 8 welltrained, responsible Sail Ventures club members to share time on your yacht. These same Sail Ventures
    club members will always be assigned to your yacht, generating a pride in ownership for them as well;
  • Give you priority access to use your very own, brand new luxury yacht with a free Venturers Plan membership each year your boat is in our
  • And with 3 or more Memberships sold on your new yacht, we will give you a percentage of all the monthly membership dues on your boat to
    help defray the cost of your boat payments.

Never before has owning a luxury sailing yacht been more fun and affordable!

And the new yacht you select from the 4 listed above will be equipped with all the amenities and features you’d expect from a new Catalina or
Beneteau yacht, including air conditioning, a flat screen TV, autopilot, GPS navigational system and a depth finder, to name a few.

All you need to do is contact Sail Venturesto arrange a time to climb aboard each yacht and choose the one that best fits your family’s
needs and lifestyle – we’ll help you do the rest!

Are You Ready to Own a Yacht?
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