Membership Plans Available

A sailboat is “shared” by a limited number of Members and one Owner Member who
each are guaranteed, but not restricted to, at least three-fourteen sail times every month, depending on membership. Additionally, each sailing Member is entitled to unlimited “as-available” use on a 36-hour notice at no extra cost.

Members design their own sailing calendar to sail as little or as much as they want, using our online, real-time scheduling system.

Members can make instant sailing reservations or plan up to 60 days in advance and

can even request to swap sail times with other Members if they so desire.

Members have the ability to arrange extended sailing vacations by planning in advance.

Sail Ventures has four Membership Plans. Each plan has been designed to accommodate the different factors that dictate how our members wish to utilize their yacht. Whether it be budget, experience or lifestyle. Membership dues are determined by two factors: the actual value of the yacht chosen by the member and the amount of guaranteed time the member wishes to have aboard their chosen vessel each month.
Each Plan offers a fixed number of cruises per month scheduled by members themselves, a carry-over and borrow-forward feature for planning extended cruises, and unlimited extra cruises "as available".

  • Mariner Plan
  • Seafarer Plan
  • Venturer Plan
  • Owner Member Plan

Mariner Plan

Designed for the beginner, or retiree who is looking for a flexible, affordable schedule and can sail during the week Guaranteed Cruises per month: 3 2 Weekday Days: 10:30AM – 6PM 1 Weekday Overnight: 6PM – 10:30AM Unlimited “as available” cruises (with 36-hour notice)  

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Owner Member Plan

Are You Ready to Own a Yacht? Discover How to Make Ownership Hassle-free! Sail Ventures would love to help you get the most enjoyment out of boat ownership. We can do that by placing your new sailboat in our prestigious fleet of Member Yachts. As an  Owner Member, Sail Ventures will: Find an available slip for your yacht in a world class marina; Pay for A+ rated insurance coverage on your yacht; Provide regularly scheduled and emergency maintenance on your sailboat; Your beautiful yacht will be professionally cleaned inside and out on a weekly basis, and will receive a thorough detailing monthly; In addition, a complete hull and deck compounding & waxing will be done on a quarterly basis using quality marine products; Place a limited number of well trained, responsible Sail Ventures club members to share time on your yacht. These same Sail Venture club members will always be assigned to you yacht, generating a pride in ownership for them as well; Give you priority access to use your boat with a free Venturers Plan membership each year your boat is in our fleet. Sail Ventures is seeking qualified prospective Owner Members for new 31′ to 40′ Catalina or Beneteau sailing yachts for our local Sail Ventures fleet. Call us today at (713) 819-7327 to arrange a meeting to learn about our program Click here for more details on becoming an Owner Member with Sail Ventures.

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Seafarer Plan

Designed for the serious sailor, offering a nicely balanced times. All of our memberships offer unlimited cruises as available in addition to the guaranteed cruises below. Guaranteed Cruises per month: 6 1 Weekend Day: 10:30AM – 6PM 1 Weekend Overnight: 6PM – 10:30AM 2 Weekday Day: 10:30AM – 6PM 2 Weekday Over-nights: 6PM – 10:30AM Unlimited  “as available” cruises  (with 36-hour notice)  

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Venturer Plan

The ultimate premier plan for the most sailing time.  Designed to provide maximum yacht access for the avid boater. At least 7 full days of use per month, including a full weekend. All of our memberships offer unlimited access as available in addition to the guaranteed cruises below. Guaranteed Cruises per month: 14 2 Weekend Days: 10:30AM – 6PM 2 Weekend Overnight: 6PM – 10:30AM 5 Weekday Days: 10:30AM – 6PM 5 Weekday Over-nights: 6PM – 10:30AM Unlimited “as available”cruises (as available with 36-hour notice)  

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